Privacy and Copyright Policies


VAS Littlecrow policy does not to allow commercial use of any Velvet Rasputin characters without express written permission, payment of licensing fees and/or approval from VAS Littlecrow. Commercial use includes promotional campaigns for properties outside of VAS Littlecrow’s scope, unauthorized translations, fundraiser campaigns, crowdfunding project, products merchandising, inclusion in publications whether digital and/or printed and, other forms of monetization. If we are unable or unwilling to reply to permission requests, never assume that we will grant permission by default. We pursue all infringement aggressively.

While we are very protective of our intellectual property rights, we do grant a general limited license for Velvet Rasputin characters and publications to be used for non-commercial fan art, educational purposes, minor comic cameos, parody, criticism and personal art portfolios that are not being used to sell specific products or services. This general limited license does not imply endorsement or, transferal of copyright to any party outside of VAS Littlecrow’s properties, and may be revoked at any time for any reason.

Be sure to contact us if you do use our characters regardless of the reason, so we can keep track of usage, or so we may answer any questions.


We will not share your identifiable personal information with anyone outside of VAS Littlecrow, unless we specifically ask, and you grant us permission to do so by using one of our third-party vendors such as Zazzle, Amazon, CreateSpace or Gumroad to purchase our products, or by contacting us.  If you participate in social media activities, win a prize from one of our contest/giveaways, we will only publish your first name and last initial, unless you voluntarily provide information such as your public user name and website.

If you send guest art or, if we find it on the web, we may publish your name, art and website, along with any promotional information that you choose to give us.

We track website traffic using Disqus, Doubleclick, WordPress, Google Analytics, Quancast and with monetized links and banners.  If this is an issue for you, we suggest that you use an ad-blocker, cookie blocking program or anonymizer for your browser.  We use third-party vendors for much of our merchandise and advertising.  Please refer to their individual privacy policies if you have any questions about how your information will be used by them.


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