Vas’s Bio


About VAS Littlecrow

VAS Littlecrow™ was founded by Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz. Vas and the creative team have produced fearless visual arts since 1997. Our brands include, VAS Littlecrow’s Velvet Rasputin and VAS Littlecrow Textile Design.

Vas Cosplaying Irina

Vas’s writing, opinion, performance work, and art have been mentioned or have appeared in the following websites:

Blogstronomy, ComixTALK,, Continually Growing With Emily Rose, Dangerous Lee, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down, Customer Love, Cow.Net, Artery 2010, Patrick’s Cabaret blog, LOL/OMG, Soap Factory Gallery 4, Naughty Curry, Menstrual Monday, The Multiracial Activist, Disinformation, Rock Sellout, Dangerous Lee Radio Show, Liberty Cap Talk Live, Comic Art Gallery, Slam on the Plains (the first live poetry slam in North Dakota history to be webcast,)  and others. Additionally Vas has appeared in numerous websites as part of the Velvet Rasputin collective.

Traditional media mentions and appearances

The Washington Post, The San Juan Star, WKAQ, WCCO, KARE, Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Fargo Forum, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Shopping News, The St. Cloud Times, Pioneer Press, numerous radio stations in the Fargo-Moorhead area, Pauta, City Pages, USA Today, Koran Tempo, The Southwest MN Independent, several calendars, and many other outlets.

Other Features: David Allio, High Society Glamour,, True Queens (True Queens Best Personality Award Winner,) (Vas reached rank of 3 in 2000, also earned “Ms. Internet World 2001 Ethnic Beauty Special Award Winner” and “Ms. Internet World 2002 Tribute Award”), Net Models United (Senior Board of Directors,) Eco-Model (Featured Model August 1999,) Alien & Fantasy Network, Michelle 7, Incubus Choice and more. Vas has also had additional features as part of the Velvet Rasputin Collective.

Other Interesting Tidbits

  • Vas started drawing at age one, but was unable to speak until age six.
  • Vas is able to hula hoop and caricature at the same time.
  • Vas enjoys working as an all-around historian with a deep interest in fall of the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia. Often times, Vas turns interesting findings into comics.
  • Instead of watching television, Vas prefers spending any free time making collages, doing research, reading, gardening, volunteering in ministry and spending time in nature.
  • Vas sings in Church choir and a punk/metal band.
  • Vas is a retired Spanish technical writer and translator who wrote a collection of linguistics lessons on gender-neutral Spanish using existing pronouns and grammatical conventions.