Polska, Sucka!

DISCLAIMER: This project is intended for mature audiences. There are graphic depiction of violence, adult situations, drug use and extreme aberrant.



Polska, Sucka! was one of the most successful projects produced by what eventually became Vas Littlecrow’s Velvet Rasputin. Unfortunately for me, this project was the most emotionally draining thing I’ve even produced. Polska, Sucka! is a symbolic comic dealing with extreme trauma (much of it being a terrifying funhouse mirror of my own experience,) and every negative anti-queer cliché that I had seen depicted in the media growing up. The goal was to create a set of characters so compelling that that the reader would develop deep emotional relationships with them, and as a result would rage against the framework of the tropes, instead of pitying the characters or finding them worthy of ridicule. Unfortunately, it worked too well. I felt forced to alter the story to placate furious fans. I regretted this decision deeply, because it ultimately undermined my intent and made the story more drawn out than it should have been. This webcomic presentation is my attempt to make things right, and restore my original intent.
Although this project’s art was done as a work-for-hire ‘zine, there was improper documentation of everyone involved (over twenty artists.) As a result, the copyright for the art in its present state is practically unregistrable and would be too risky to sell from a legal standpoint. Ram Lama has expressed interest in reinterpreting this comic, and if this happens, the comic will finally be commercially available in print once again. Because of this weird situation, Loki, Ram and I have agreed to release text and characters of this comic (which I personally designed) under a copyleft license as indicated below the archive menu, for anyone who may want to incorporate these assets into their own creations. We hope that you take this creation for what it is, and find it useful.
WARNING: This was created with the intention of purging extremely negative energy. Prolonged exposure in the creative process may have damaging psychological effects. Don’t mess with it, unless you know what you are messing with.
Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions or provide feedback. Thank you! – Vas


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