For Parents

Kind visitor,

If you are a parent, and you are upset that you found your child on this website, I commend you. This means that you are taking an interest in your family’s well-being on the Internet. Because of this, I want to give you resources to help you cope with your child’s visit to this website. The depictions of criminal activities, sexual activities, drug use, and other potentially destructive activities shown in our comics are not age-appropriate for most kids. For older teens, I strongly urge parental guidance when making a decision about visiting this site. If your children have been exposed to the content here, discuss how your family values relate to the themes shown here. These conversations may also help your child articulate struggles they are facing, but felt too ashamed or scared to speak about.

I hope that the materials below are of help to your family. If you need to express anger, have uncomfortable questions that you want answered, want to share a prayer, or simply need comforting words, don’t hesitate to email me at or leave a comment below. Although it’s not obvious from looking at my creative endeavors, I do a bit of ministry and outreach work, so it’s not at all a burden for me to listen to your concerns.



The Essentials

Kid-Safe Web Browsing

  • Kiddle: A nonsectarian, child-friendly search engine.
  • Zoodle: A nonsectarian, child-friendly web browser.
  • Noah’s Net: A Christian-specific web browser.
  • Seek/Find: A Christian search engine.