Happy Winter Holiday Season!

Hey gang,

Thus far, I’ve really enjoying the Holiday season this year. This is actually a new thing for me because it’s the first December I haven’t been feeling blue at all in a very long time. There’s a lot of good food being served, and lots of fun events to attend in Central Minnesota. I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family and not letting the winter get to me. I am also greatly looking forward to singing in choir on Christmas Eve. This is an exciting time for me, event-wise and emotionally.

The team is a little behind on the comic stuff, but we are still pressing forward. I’ve been working on streamlining the website even more, so things are easier to find. I installed a sexy new lightbox plugin that makes comic navigation even easier, as well as a sidebar menu for the webcomic sections. I’ve decluttered a lot of navigational stuff, and updated the FAQ. I also cleaned up a few dead links and took care of the caching errors we’ve been dealing with. Overall, I am delighted with how everything is going. There have also been a few comic updates:

Currently, I am taking soundboard training, thinking about taking keyboard classes, and am looking for some production training. I also switched to singing soprano in choir rather than alto to get my full mezzo soprano range back. I’m doing this all for Velvet Rasputin’s first G-rated (but still full of punk sensibility and not at all boring) musical parallax comic. It’s about a non-binary person who leaves sex, wealth and stardom behind to do something more meaningful with their life. It’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and I am hoping that it will be out by 2020. The tentative title is Eunouchos and it should be awesome!

Here are some images showing of the progress that Claude and Ram have been making. Claude is moving along nicely with the next installment of Rasputin Barxotka’s The Serpent, entitled, “Theophany”. Ram has been busy with RaspCat and a few concept sketches for his reinterpretation of Polska, Sucka! which we are hoping will be ready for release sometime in 2019 or 2020.

Finally, I have a confession. I am developing a big fat and uncontainable art crush on Ram again. If you’ve followed the Velvet Rasputin Twitter account from the early days, you’ll know what I am talking about. Don’t worry, I am not leaving my husband, or going back to my old ways as a sex-crazed idiot. I just want to hug all of Ram’s sketches.

Let me explain an art crush: It’s not like a romantic crush. It’s more like a deep sense of excitement and wonder when you see someone’s art. You just want to know that creative mind better. That person’s art fills you with overwhelming joy and you crave for more. Maybe, it’s because I am less affected by political bullcrap. (Community involvement is the best antidote for social media polarization, I find.) Maybe, it’s because a lot things that were weighing on me are gone. It’s an amazing feeling to feel like something that was turning into a chore, become exciting again. I feel safe creatively again even if I’m not, and that has helped me rediscover what made me fall in love with Ram’s art in the same place. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Anyway, Loki is cooking up some Indian food for lunch and the aroma is driving me insane. I must go, for now, but I hope to talk with all of you really soon!


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