The Serpent #1

Release Schedule Change: “Theoria” Coming This Halloween

Out of respect for Amanda “Mandarr” Wearstler, Rasputin Catamite: Twin Freaks, will be postponed until at least December. Mandarr’s cat Mochi is missing and she’s been frantically looking for her furbaby this week. Any information about Mochi’s whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Please refer to this Facebook post for more details.

Comics are less important than the well-being of our team members and their families, so I want to be very mindful of Mandarr’s time and emotional space, as she deal with this painful ordeal. Instead, you will see her cover art this Halloween on a collaboration between K. M. Claude and I entitled, The Serpent with its first installment, “Theoria.” It’s pretty intense and it’s rated for age 17+ audiences due to graphic depictions of adult situations and violence. It was originally slated for February 14th next year, but Claude and I agreed that we were ready to share this with our readers now in order to make up for this delay.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

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