Happy Coming Out Day!

Dima's Bi-VampireHello my Velveties,

Here’s a clip from May Day to help commemorate National Coming Out Day! It features Dima coming out as bisexual in a time and place in history where the the word, “bisexual” didn’t even exist in the Russian language without being a horrifyingly offensive synonym for “hermaphrodite.” These days word finally exists, but for many people, it’s still REALLY hard to come out.

As for me, my current sexual orientation is simultaneously “I don’t give a fuuuuuuck,” and “meh.” When you’re monogamously married, non-binary, and your sex drive is petering out with age, it’s really hard to pin down exactly what sexual orientation even means in this context. I suppose the most concise answer would be “queer demisexual,” but kids these days often think that the Q word is offensive, so I’ll just stick to praying, drawing and getting flogged every once in a while.

Whatever you are, do your best to be kind to yourself and be honest about who you are.


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