Germ Warfare Debuts at MIX

Germ Warfare: Edited by Lupi McGinty
Germ Warfare: Edited by Lupi McGinty

Idiotically Obvious FTC Mandated Disclosure: This post contains a promotional endorsement and affiliate links for a book that the writer of this post is involved in.  The writer of this post received a free copy of this book.  Seriously government, is this really bloody necessary?  This kind of disclaimer is like putting an “allergy warning: this product may contain soybeans” label on freaking soymilk!


Earlier this week, I received a very nice treat in the mail.  While Loki drove, I opened up the envelope and found an advanced copy of Germ Warfare that I read from cover to cover on the way to St. Cloud.  It was a nice way to take the edge off a stressful trip to the DMV to get my driver’s license renewed.  It’s kind of pointless to get a driver’s license renewed when I have a severely damaged foot arch that’s too weak to push car pedals, but that’s neither here nor there.

Loki, being the covetous comic monster that he is promptly stole my book when we returned home. (Note: Loki ALWAYS steals my comic books and mini-comics.  GRR!) He enjoyed a few belly laughs himself and enjoyed it thoroughly.  He wasn’t able to put it down either.

My friend Lupi, will be premiering her latest comics anthology, Germ Warfare this weekend at the Minneapolis Comics Xpo.  She’s the editor of this hilarious look at the insanity of germophobia. The artwork is fantastic and contributors include:

  • Ryan Dow
  • Andi Singer
  • Lance Ward
  • James Powell
  • Danno Klonowski
  • Nicholas Straight
  • David Cohen
  • Jon Sloan
  • Jeremy Olson
  • Mark McGinty
  • And, little old me, Vas Littlecrow
Although I will not be able to attend MIX this year, many of the comic artists in those pages will be there.  Be sure to say hello and ask for autographs after you purchase a copy.  Us comics artists love meeting our fans.
Lupi has been kind enough to post some previews on her blog.  Check them out:
If you are unable to attend MIX, you can pre-order Germ Warfare at