Guest Post: A Veteran Progressive Protester Talks About Police Relations

The Working Class Must Unite (Hey Cops, That Includes You)

Written by Ms. C and reposted with permission.  Photo by Thomas Altfather Good and used under a GNU Documentation License.  This photo does not show the author and is used for illustrative purposes only.


I keep seeing people talk about how horrible it is that violence has broken out at “peaceful protests”. Usually, they are blaming the police. However, the protests have not been all that peaceful. Remember, many of these videos are cut before the police response, editing out what they are responding to. The police take video too, and our people are way the fuck out of hand and have forgotten the rules of engagement when it comes to an actual peaceful protest. This is not the persistent, disciplined, and sympathetic protest model of MLK. This is why, though I support the cause, I don’t show up anymore to support the people. Here is a taste of what the cops put up with.

These are not isolated instances. I see this every single time I attend a protest. And I have been at it for many a year. Every time there is someone in the crowd with an overblown sense of entitlement itching for a fight. Seriously, I have far more concern about the people around me “on my side” than I ever have from the police.

Want more? This is one of the “brutality” cases in question. Witness NLG legal observer Ari Douglas in a Oscar-worthy performance.

The video seems shocking, until you watch it from an emergency response standpoint. The whole thing looked fishy, so I slowed it down and took it frame-by-frame. He is never under an actual weight-bearing portion of the scooter. I’d say that this was an attempted fraud by someone who is supposed to be an observer.

This person did the same thing I did and says that he is a flat-out fake.

Another breakdown.

And another, where his lawyer claims he was “backed over” which is, frankly, a lie that can easily be seen by watching the video at all. The kickstand is down. The bike is stopped. ?p=30720

And the followup shows what we saw in the frame-by-frame, Ari faked it. not a scratch on him. The lawyer changed her initial argument to “his shoelace was caught”. ?p=31049

My kid brother got his entire hand slammed in a trunk of a Buick and it was latched shut. He was five, and he didn’t scream this much. In fact, he didn’t make a peep. He even politely waited until the owner’s conversation was over before asking to be freed. This is a grown man who may have been bumped by a scooter, then shifting his body under the bike, and screaming like he lost a limb for dramatic effect.

Is this lawyering or a soccer game? Soccer players fake injury.

The “fuck the police” attitude that many on our side have is a bad one. One, it’s immature. Two, it steers focus away from the actual targets of frustration, the people who actually caused the situation. Three,it’s simply bad politics. Want to know why police veer conservative? Many don’t start that way. Who are you going to support, the people who support you and realize you are putting your life on the line every single day, or the people who are all “fuck the po-lice”. Conservatives are more respectful and less prone to throwing bricks, it’s that simple.

The police are part of the 99%. Many would actually love to support the cause, but they have a job to do (for crap pay, in a career where many don’t survive 6 months after retirement) and don’t have the luxury of cherry-picking their duties. They have a home to keep, and a spouse that’s waiting for them to come home safe.

Want progress? Stop letting the right-wing be the only ones to claim patriotism and support our soldiers and officers. Claim it for yourselves, and you’ll see change. It’s time for those of us on the Left to grow out of our anti-authoritaian teen angst.


Ms. C. is a Minnesota resident who has participated in multiple protests and has worked as an activist for LGBTI rights, Pagan rights and the mentally ill.  Due to sensitive nature of this post, safety and privacy concerns, Ms. C’s identity is being withheld.