How the media and ideological groups manipulate your beliefs.

You’re smart!  Why are your beliefs so whacked out?

As those of you who have been following my career for a while might already know, I am a Christian conservative and survivalist who happens to be skeptical of everything on general principle.  I also have a huge aversion to pushing my beliefs on others, as liberty is extremely important to me. Some of my readers might baffled as to why a relatively well-educated, intelligent and a non-heterosexual person of mixed-ethnicity might possess such a seemingly “backwards” and “alarmist” world view.

I suppose I’m just too pessimistic to completely trust in libertarian and anarchistic principles, too optimistic to think that our society is completely unserviceable, and too skeptical of liberal utopias. I believe that every one is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how ridiculous it might seem to me. Likewise, I expect the same courtesy to be extended to me. If I am wrong, I want to know, so I welcome debate. But because my beliefs were hard won, I expect a high standard of discussion if I am to be swayed.

By nature, I’m a very curious creature. I love observing how things work and I often wonder where they come from. I make analyze and connections through my life experiences, seemingly disparate historical records, news reports and source documents. I like knowing that when I have an opinion, it will be defensible and based on solid principles.

Intellectual honesty is very important to me. This is why it’s very painful for me to see friends and people I respect make statements about the things I believe in, based on reports that just aren’t true. Whether these reports are intentionally false or not, is hard to say, but far too often it is obvious that they are pushing agenda. Because people are trusting by nature, they often assume that what the see, hear or read is correct.

Responding to the assumptions that pictures don’t lie.

An intelligent liberal-leaning libertarian friend of of mine felt that it was important to oppose the tea party movement due to its alleged racist focus. So he offered me several links to websites showing images of racist behavior by tea party supporters.  Be warned that some of these images are incredibly disturbing and may be upsetting to sensitive individuals:

These images are in fact disturbingly incriminating, and I don’t doubt that there are members in the tea party and conservative movement who are in fact racist and religiously bigoted.


While I acknowledged my friend’s concern, I recognized this picture posting as a tactic that religious groups often use to discredit the gay rights movement and that the media uses to get ratings. By selectively choosing photos of aberrant individuals, opponents of any given movement are able to caricature their target into its most stereotypical, sensationalized and repellent visage. Since I mentioned the gay rights movement, I will use some images of Pride events to show how this works.

Most gay pride rallies and parades, when observed as a whole, look like these images:×205/080615_gay_pride_parade.jpg (Some freaks here and there, but the normal people obviously outnumber them.) (One weirdo in the float, but everyone just look gay in the “happy” synonym sense of the word.)×381.jpg (Two women share a peck on the lips, but otherwise, a pretty dull scene overall.)

I’m sure you are bored by these images. They probably wouldn’t sell a newspaper or garner anything more than a yawn. So, with the magic of isolating individuals, I’ll make other boring gay pride events look like wanton festivals where idiotic freaks have misspelled homemade signs, disrespect other religions, show a blatant disregard of the law and engage in repulsively stereotypical behaviors.  Many of these pictures are NSFW and be disturbing to some:

Does this activity make you feel uncomfortable and misrepresented, if you are gay or a gay rights supporter? It sure made me feel irritated as a non-cis person, just as as the pictures of racists freaks at the tea party rallies make me irritated. After all, the tea party rallies I’ve been to look more like these:

Aside from the rainbows, American flags and the ideological differences, do these events really look all that much different when looked at as a whole?

Action Plan

Before you jump to snap judgments about any event or group, here are some questions to ask when faced with incriminating event images of aberrant individuals that undermine your chosen cause.

  1. Who took the images? For what reason?
  2. Where were the images displayed and in what context?
  3. Who are your sources. Who is funding your source, if applicable?
  4. Does your source have a vested interest in seeing my ideology fail? What ideology do they favor?
  5. Has there been any talk of infiltration at the events?
  6. Can I see a picture showing a wider cross-section of the individuals attending the event?
  7. Do you have any police or local news report of how the event went?
  8. Do you have video or audio of the event longer than just a soundbite?
  9. Did you attend the event in question?
  10. What do you know about the people who organized the event?
Knowledge is power.  Skepticism and curiosity are the fuels of knowledge.  Never forget that.
  • it’s been reported, and i beleive it because i had experiences with it as an activist in the 90s, the liberals LOVE to attend tea party events wearing racists tshirt and slogans to have their picture taken, by their freinds of course, as proof that the tea party is racist.

    i;m not so sure church people are dressing in bare ass drag to attend pride events though.

    your point is dead on: dont beleive everything that somebody else presents to you about the opposition.

  • Vas

    You are correct about the tea party thing. I’ve seen it and it’s pretty irritating. Most tea party people are pretty cool, and many of them get really pissy when they see racism. It depends on which crowd you run with.

    Church people do go to gay pride events to video tape and protest, though generally not in bare ass drag. I can deal with these people. However, I have seen closest-cases partying it up at the pride parade and then decrying the homos when it’s time to go home. Those people anger me.

    Thank you for your kind words.

  • Elmer Dudley

    “Knowledge is power. Skepticism and curiosity are the fuels of knowledge” These seem like strange words coming from a self-identified christian. Christianity has never seemed to look too fondly on skepticism or curiosity when it comes to their belief system.

  • Mr. Raven

    I saw your thoughtful post on reddedit about how the tea party was undermined, and advice so that Occupy Wall St. doesn’t suffer the same fate, so I came to check out your site, and am not disappointed, another thought provoking piece I shared on my facebook page. Know that though I am a left anarchist atheist white straight guy, that I agree with everything you say here, and that I ALWAYS defend Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters when they want to join peace marches, anti Wall St. demoes, whatever. I have gotten some grief from my lefty friends for that, but I too value truth, and relating to people as flesh and blood people too much to put up with any b.s. from anyone of any ideological stripe.


    Matthew Stephen Rogers, please feel free to friend me on facebook if you do facebook. 🙂

  • I read you Reddit comments and I thank you very much for them. I am thinking of going to a local Occupy Wall Street gathering that is coming up. I was somewhat interested in the Tea Party when it first appeared locally but as I am cautious I didn’t rush out and join. As it rolled along and began to get hijacked I began to pity the people who believed so much in this movement and were just being used by the Koch’s and the extremist religious right. I had notions of going to a gathering and trying to explain to them what I was seeing. Or maybe to contact an individual I know of who’s involved and discuss what I have discovered about their movement. I am glad you have spoken out. There are so many lies out there and so much spying of honest, patriotic citizens that no longer want to be lied to or steamrolled and bankrupted by the corporate machine. I am a white, socialist(some people call me “communist”) woman of middle-age who believes that Jesus was all about social justice which I guess makes me a radical Christian. I try to think for myself and make my own decisions, I am very careful about what I get involved in and where I spread my identity because I am sure that lists are being made, fingerprints captured, irises scanned in case a crackdown is launched. I live in Upstate NY, north of the NYS Thruway and as Gov. Cuomo is slowly proceeding to make NY into Wisconsin or Michigan light and always with that “fatherly reassurance and friendly manner and always a smile or serious look depending on the situation. We are now officially “open for business” which I guess means business will be able to pretty muc do as they want. Hydrofracking is looming for the southern part of our state with little regard to the businesses like agriculture and tourism and the value of people’s property in the future. I am sure the special interest money is pouring into Albany, to the Governor and others even as it is pooring into our local media with pro-gas company ads. If or when it does come to pass and millions of gallons water is polluted, those with the money won’t care a bit and will even profit with the selling of replacement water. I’ve went to meetings about hydrofracking and have been careful once again not to identify myself much because I feel I want to be part of the secong wave if there is a crackdown because this is very much like the quote about the Nazi’s which begins “they came to get the Jews…and I did nothing…and ends with “and finally they came to get me.” There must be more people to keep standing up to injustice. While I was typing this I was listening about the “doctrine of non-violence” and also John Kennedy…”ask not what…” Noble words.I also believe we need to have our ministers and priests talk about social justice in our churches instead of the telling their “flocks”which political candidate to vote for and determining that one political party is more religious than the other when neither party religious is and they both work for the top 1%. The 99% of the rest of us have more in common with each other than we know: we are all lied to, manipulated, stolen from, deliberately confused, used and considered only worth the money we can spend. So once again I thank you for your letter to Occupy Wall Street and I hope that you are sincere and who you state that you are. I am sorry if I strayed too far off of topic, to me it all interconnects.

  • Phil

    I looked at those signs you posted, and none of them were racist. They would probably only spark outrage from someone who is eager to take offense. The signs may show their wielder’s ignorance but there’s nothing racist. There is an example of lightly-veiled anti-Muslim sentiment in one of the signs, but that’s it.

  • The answer to the title question is that generation Reddit is socially engineered clean out of its smart mind, music and all.

    American rock-n-roll was a mil-intel op hatched in Laurel Canyon, California (source: Dave McGowan). The earlier Beatles were British Tavistock tools (sources: Dr. John Coleman, performance musician Alan Watt).

    You’re not even half awake, young friend. Fake news events:

    Human psychology “science” was pirated young.

    What a term that is, “non-heterosexual.” Myself, I am a non-anti-agnostic.

  • Vas

    Thank you for your comments. I don’t agree with all of your sources, but I thank you for giving me the opportunity to read them.

  • Vas

    I don’t believe in race, personally. I’m just sharing the images that my friend shared with me and regardless, some of them seem like they would offend people with certain sensibilities. I’m just reporting what I see.

  • Vas

    Thank you so much for your reply! It means a lot to me. I do encourage you to write your own letter and share it. The more people speaking up, the better.

  • Vas

    I am not on Facebook, but if you go to my about page, you can follow me on Google+ and Twitter. Thank you so much for your comments and kindness.

  • Vas

    Jesus was pretty skeptical himself about a lot of things, especially as time went by and he got closer to his death. In fact, some of his last words were questioning of God’s benevolence. Personally, I like Jesus a hell of a lot more than his followers.

  • they control both sides, mainstream and alternative media, plus infiltrate underground movements not in the media.

    do not go to the occupy wall street event. it is another manipulation. all movements and protests are either coined or infiltrated and manipulated by think tank intelligence groups,

    protesting in public in general is just another way they use you and manipulate you.

    if you want to properly resist – expose them, and leave them to stand by themsleves looking like the jackass agent provocateurs that they are. ignore them, call them out for what they are.

  • Vas

    Thank you for your concern, but protest is a protected Constitutional right.

  • Marina Meadows

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