Quick Thoughts On The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011

Conservative and Liberal officials are hoping to end the prohibition against cannabis with House Resolution 2306.  After the spectacular drug war disasters brought about by the Obama administration’s broken promises to severely ill people who rely on medical marijuana dispensaries and Operation Fast and Furious, it’s almost impossible to defend the prohibition of a drug that is less harmful than alcohol.

Pot is a drug that has never appealed to me, even in the dark period of my life where I suffered from substance abuse.  I have never been particularly impressed with stoner culture beyond a cheap laugh, as it seems to run counter to my love for a fast-paced life full of hard work.  People claim to be more creative when they are stoned, but honestly, I don’t really see it.  Even if I had found the idea of marijuana to be appealing, as someone who is managing schizophrenia, I am physically unable to safely use marijuana.

Yet, I want to see marijuana legalized as a medicine, since it’s already prescribed and it desperately needs some regulation in regards to purity and dosing standards.  I have seen too many critically ill people benefit greatly from the herbal form and its chemical analog, Marinol, to dismiss its value to society.

It’s good to see that there are people in Congress that are finally doing the right thing.

  • Gino

    WA state has something on the ballot coming up that will legalize, not merely decriminalize, pot.

    but seattle is the kind of place were you cant smoke a cigarette while walking down the street, but its ok to light up pot at the bus stop.

  • Vas

    Seattle is just weird, but I wish them success.

    My hope is that marijuana legalization will not encourage the nannies to make tobacco illegal.