Why Do We Even Bother With The USDA Regulation Toilet?

Pretend that our taxpayer money is a stack of hundred dollar bills.  Now, imagine throwing these notes one by one into a toilet and flushing between each toss.  That should give you an idea of what the USDA has been up to.

Wait, Did the USDA Just Deregulate All New Genetically Modified Crops?” and yet, at the same time, “USDA Issues Instructions To Reduce Allergen, Other Ingredient-Related Recalls.”  You can’t have it both ways, guys.  Seriously, why do we even bother wasting money on the USDA anymore?

If the purpose of the USDA is to protect the public health and agricultural products from poor practices, they are failing miserably. What is the point of this bureaucracy if it’s not going to do squat about real problems surrounding industrial farming, while punishing poor peoplesmall farmers and small-scale livestock breeders in inexplicably unreasonable ways?

For example, It blows my mind that the USDA can ban carefully inspected artisanal raw milk cheese that’s perfectly safe and legal in much of Europe, while at the same time allowing revolting industrial dairy farms to operate without impunity. USDA, I’d rather you not crack down on my expensive and illegal raw milk cheese.  But if you must, then also go after poisoned-coated GMO crops that are destroying major pollinators en masse and, dairy farms that are directly responsible for antibiotic resistant bacteria. Failing that, I’d appreciate your ceasing to exist so that taxpayers may be able to save a few more dollars and have real freedom to make better food choices.  Thank you!

We’d all like to think that Federal government regulation can protect public health.  Unfortunately, when bureaucracies grow too large and make too many sweetheart deals with big business, then the system fails. At that point, the people must take steps to protect personal health and the long-term survival of America’s agricultural future.  Taking steps towards personal responsibility in our food choices and understanding the origins of the things we eat, is far more powerful for the overall health of agricultural commodities and the human body than any government organization could ever hope to be.  The best part of a proactive approach is that we won’t need to flush down any more money down a governmental toilet.